Serengeti Cat Temperament and Lifespan

Serengeti is a cat-chatterbox. Chatty but predatory grace - features of this breed. They can go on the heels of the master, and purr, chant, clatter - the vocabulary they have is rich. Sometimes this talkative pet can make you feel tired, but to convince the cat to keep silent is really difficult! And Serengeti cat is very stubborn. If it wants something, it makes no sense to close this "something" behind the seven locks in the farthest room. As soon as you hide behind a threshold, Serengeti will overcome all barriers.

It is worth noting their courage. They are the descendants of proud wild animals are not afraid of anything. The lifespan of this cat is about 10-12 years. You should take care of it properly to make its life longer.

How Much Does a Serengeti Cat Cost and Price Range

The average cost for the kitten is $800-$2000. Before buying the cat, it is recommended to find the trustworthy breeder who will be able to give you guarantee that the pet you are going to buy is healthy and top quality.

Serengeti Cat Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

Serengeti can be attributed to large breeds. Males and females have a strong constitution and weigh up to 15 kg. The body is slightly elongated, which gives the whole appearance elegance and deceptive ease. The tail may be long, short, thick, tapering to an end. Thanks to this anatomy of the feet and body Serengeti jump 2 meters high.The head of the cats of this breed has a wedge shape that tapers to a wide spout and has smooth and rounded features. Cheeks are underdeveloped and do not stand out. Ears are well placed and protrude upwards, they are large and have approximately the same height with the head.

Eyes are large and slightly convex, have a rounded shape and are located at a great distance from each other at a slight angle. The color of their honey tones has the light mottled pattern of brown. Thanks to protruding lugs and location of the eyes, the appearance of the cat is more like a wild hunter than a pet.

Serengeti is a shorthair breed. Color is usually spotted, wild, on a smoky or gray background. Coat is smooth and silky to the touch. The spots should be round or slightly elongated in the horizontal direction.

Serengeti Cat Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

Serengeti breed is relatively young, but the appearance of the animal, its shape, coat color and motion when hunting attracted attention from all parts of the world. The cost of a kitten comes up to $2,000, which resulted in the breed on the 9th place in the ranking of the most expensive cats on the Earth.

Serengeti are likely to elect the tactics of "The best defense is an attack!" Character description must be supplemented by their leadership qualities. In the house Serengeti is the ringleader. Those who accept the leadership of the breed, awarded the highest grace - its tenderness and kindness.

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