LaPerm Cat Temperament and Lifespan

They are good to kids, but here it is important that children don't pull the cat for its sticking coat. Cats treat other cats and dogs with respect, they coexist with them without any problems, provided that they do not touch them. Cats LaPerm possess a low voice, but with pleasure it uses it when you want to say something important.

LaPerm is a common cat, which is curious and loves heights and wants to be involved in everything that you do. They love to climb on the shoulders or on the highest place in the house to watch you there. They are active, but if there is the opportunity to sit on your lap, they are happy to take an advantage of it. If the kitten of LaPerm has been taught to meet other people from an early age, it will be glad to play with your guests without any problems.

How Much Does a LaPerm Cat Cost and Price Range

LaPerm will cost you about $500-$600. The show quality cat can cost a bit more. The price depends on the breeder and the quality of your pet. It is recommended to ask the breeder to show the parents of your pet and to check if the kitten has all necessary documents which can prove its pedigree.

LaPerm Cat Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

Cats LaPerm breed is medium in size. They have muscular body with long legs and neck. Head is wedge-shaped, slightly rounded at the sides. The nose is straight, wide-set ears and large, almond-shaped eyes. Weight of the cat Laperm is from 2.5 to 4 kg. The main feature of an unusual coat is any coat color, but the most common colors are tabby, red and tortoiseshell. Also popular: purple, chocolate, colorpoint.

The coat is silky and soft but rather resembles mohair. The undercoat is sparse, and the wool is very freely and loosely fitted to the body. It is light and airy, so at the exhibitions the judges often blow the coat to see how it is divided, and to assess its condition. Cats are long-haired.

LaPerm Cat Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

Laperm breed of domestic long-haired cats is rare, but if you see it, you won't mix it up. The peculiarity of the breed is twisted, curly hair, resembling a fur coat. The name of the breed displays American roots, the fact that it is still on the Chinook Indian tribe. These Indians, put an article "La" to all the words of the French language without purpose as they liked how it sounded. The founder of the breed Linda Koehl called them so ironically. There is a word perm in English which means the definite type of coat and LaPerm is a play of words.

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