Korat Cat Temperament and Lifespan

Korat cats are charming and gentle pets. These cats are attached to their loved ones and very nostalgic when they need to part with them for a long time. They are incredibly loyal animals. They are smart and very curious cats. Korat is an active, but not hyperactive cat. They are sociable, playful and very attentive, nothing will slip past their green eyes.

Korat cats crave attention and love from their masters, they will do anything to get hold of the hands, knees and heart of their master. Despite the fact that this breed of cats is not as loud and demanding as the Siamese, Korat have an impressive range of sounds, plus they always find a way to explain, when they need it. Fans of the breed say that the muzzle of these cats is extremely expressive, sometimes even a glance is enough to understand that these cute animals are trying to tell you.

The cats of this breed usually live about 15 years.

How Much Does a Korat Cat Cost and Price Range

The average price for the kitten of Korat breed is about $600-$800. This cost may vary depending on the place you would like to purchase your pet and some other factors like its breeder and the cat's quality. If you need the show quality cat, you will have to pay about $1000. It is recommended to ask your breeder to provide you with all necessary documents of your cat.

Korat Cat Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

The only color, permitted by the standard, is blue with silver tips of the hair. Any other color except the silver-blue, white spots or a medallion are considered to be a drawback. As for the size, it is a middle-sized cat with a muscular body but not massive. The back is arched. Legs are proportional to the body, of medium length, muscular, paws are oval. The cats weigh about 10-11 pounds.

Korat Cat Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

These cats are an integral part of the religious and secular rites of Thais. So, in a ceremony dedicated to the rain, Buddhist monks from Korat cat in her arms bypass home community residents.

It is believed that where most owners welcome a cat, it waters the earth, and this will mean that the harvest of the host will not be affected by the drought. In the Thai capital, there is the manuscript of the 19th century in the country's National Museum, which contains lists of breeds of cats bringing happiness and unhappiness. Korat is among those who bring happiness.

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