Craft Ideas for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is coming soon and, if you baby sit, teach, or supervise young children, you're probably going to need to partake in some sort of Mother's Day craft or activity. Mother's Day is a time to thank all of the kids' mothers for their relentless efforts in raising their children. More importantly, it's an opportunity to show the kids how to express gratitude, and have fun in the process. By the way, Sometimes a mattress can be useful, in detail -

Greeting cards are always popular. The art of making greeting cards is probably the most common Mother's Day craft, as it is fairly easy to do and a lot of fun. There are even printout mother's day cards available that the children can color in and embellish using their own creativity.

Having the kids sculpt and glaze clay pots can also prove to be rewarding, though a bit messy. You can go to an art studio and have the instructors there give a lesson, or you can buy oven bake clay from the craft stores. Pots are practical as well as decorative, for the mother can use it to store pencils and small change. Providers of hostess gifts might profess that pots are good housewarming gifts, so kids can bring them to a housewarming party.

If you have the shirt sizes of all of the mothers for the class, you can also purchase several blank T-shirts and have the kids decorate them. They can tie-dye or use fabric paint to form designs out of handprints, footprints, sponges, and stencils. This will make for an especially cute gift which the mom can either proudly wear in broad daylight or reserve for pajamas and workout clothes.

Wind chimes make for another unique craft idea. Children can use tin forks, spoons, garden decor, and stencils to make garden wind chimes for their mothers. Garden bells can also prove to be a cute craft, though it might take more effort. This craft is definitely more appropriate for older children, as younger kids might have difficulty in putting all of the pieces together.

Wind chimes are a good idea for mother's day gifts because they are fun, unique, and practical. The mother can hang them up on the porch for months, perhaps even years. The sound that the chimes make is relaxing. Handcrafted wind chimes can also add an element of fun and whimsy to the household. Students making large bamboo wind chimes or other types of large wind chimes can even carve messages into their large wind chime.

Treasure or jewelry boxes are another cute and practical Mother's Day craft idea. Pre-made boxes can be bought at craft stores, eliminating the mess and hazard of using a hammer and nails in the classroom. Paint, glue, lace, beads, sequins, rhinestones, and several other craft material can be used to decorate the box.

The final idea that I'll leave you with is for students with nimble hands and a large supply of patience. String, chord, and yarn can be knotted into intricate designs, laced with beads, and tied into beautiful, organic looking bracelets. There are several instructions online, as well as many books in craft stores to help you if you are interested in such a craft.

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