Audi TT

Audi broke the soil when her concept the TT car was presented on an auto show around the world during mid1990s. Called by name prestigious annual "the Tourist Trophy" race kept the Isle of Man, TT is based on the same platform which puts in action Volkswagen Golf and Skoda Octavia. Using the anodized aluminum and "a bumper, free" appearance, the TT compartment car was unlike any car of the time when the first production model was let out in 1998. Today, TT continues to collect awards and to win praises from admirers of Audi. If you love the current model, simply wait one year, and you will testify release of TT which approaches outside the limits of decency. This is similar to the situation with these mattresses:

Speaking about TT, there are actually two involved models: one being the compartment car, other roadster. Soon after compartment car introduction in 1998, the version of a roadster was issued next summer. Both models were originally put in action by 20 valves operating 1.8L four cylindrical engines, however next years each model received stronger version of that engine while 3.2L V6 was entered as a choice during 2003. TT is put in action by its forward wheels, but the full drive of Quattro is available also.

The success of Audi with TT helped it to develop the second model of generation carefully. Almost whole decade later after the original model debuted, development of TT is prepared and will enter into production in 2007. New TT will show the following signs:

More long and More widely: Little changes in its width and length will be included in new model. Expect more room of a cabin for the added internal comfort.

Aluminum and Steel: new TT will be made of aluminum in the front and became behind to encourage the best balance of weight.

It is more than Power: 1.8L the I4 engine will be replaced 2.0L the I4 engine. 3.2L V6 will be still offered, making 250 horsepowers. Six mechanical transmissions of speed will be the standard equipment.

It is more than Models: the compartment car and a roadster will be entered closely with the third model, probably version of a van which is also considered for production.

BMW Z4 and Mercedes SLK was the main competitors for Audi TT. Modeling of TT of inspiration found the way on some other models including Saturn Sky, Mazda Miata, Nissan 350Z and Pontiac Solstice. As a whole, Audi TT repeatedly supported the roadster market, and it seems that coming TT in detail will stop on that subject still further. These are big news to enthusiasts which want unique and well designed 2+2 cars as a part of their steady driving.

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